The seed sound of the universe. It is said that from this sound the universe came into existence. The most powerful of all mantras is AUM. Each portion of AUM represents a different aspect of the Supreme. The ‘A’ represents and embodies the consciousness of God the Creator, the ‘U’ embodies the consciousness of God the Preserver and the ‘M’ embodies the consciousness of God the Transformer. Taken together , AUM is the spontaneous cosmic rhythm with which God embraces the universe.

When chanting aloud, the ‘M’ sound should be three times as long as the ‘AU’ sound.

AUM is not the only mantra however. Many people use other words such as Shanti – which means peace or just the word Peace can be used. Any word or short phrase, which invokes the feeling of peace and tranquility, may be used.

Chanting aloud is best as you will feel the reverberation throughout your being.


tick   Find a quiet, private place in your home.
tick   Clear the area of distractions.
tick   Set up your area with things that inspire you –
light_blue_checklist_fill   use flowers, a candle, a picture of a peaceful
light_blue_checklist_fill   scene or a photo of your meditation teacher.
tick   Keep this area for your daily practice.
tick   Sit upright with your spine erect.
tick   Set aside 10 or 15 minutes.