Meet our meditation class givers

Amalendu Edelsten

I began meditating with Sri Chinmoy in 1985 and was fortunate to spend time with him in New York and various countries he visited over the years.

I began giving classes on meditation in the late 80’s and enjoy sharing my love of meditation with aspiring seekers.

Our mediation centre in Brisbane, besides offering free mediation classes, also has various running events, so I am also lucky enough to share my love a sport with the community also.

Hastakamala Diaz 

In my youth I searched for meaning and truth in life. The most satisfying answers came from spirituality and people who practised meditation and the spiritual life. When I started to incorporate meditation into my day, I started to get a real sense of peace and clarity.

I met Sri Chinmoy in 2001 and became a student of his. I found in him vast wisdom and knowledge and the most profound meditation I had ever seen.

Since then I have worked in various cafes and restaurants owned by Sri Chinmoy centre members, what we call divine enterprises, and am now opening my own coffee shop in Stones Corner.